Craving Connectivity Within Our Industry

Providing a resource for owners, licensed professionals and everyone else who fits into our world is no easy task…yet the desire for connectivity and non-corporate driven resources is very real. For years we have lived with scattered education, opportunity and employment openings.

Most salons, spas, barbershops and other industry related businesses have at least one opening.

Most people seek out alternatives to the typical offerings from big corporations, but don’t know where to find them all.

Most all of us are tired of ONLY being given “resources” by companies who are driven by the almighty dollar.

The success of Kansas City’s own, Salonspa Connection drives us toward change. It IS possible to connect this scattered group of amazing, talented professionals. We can see how connecting and supporting each other has changed the way we find employment, area classes and events, so why stop there? We hear your requests for MORE resources, and we are answering them with better, easier ways to find what you are looking for.

Soon you will have a comprehensive list of ALL Education- schools, colleges and training facilities for beginners and advanced certifications. We are constantly asked about where to go for education. There are SO MANY wonderful opportunities out there for us to utilize, soon we will provide those resources for you for FREE!!

Why stop with and education directory? We need products in our world… we need to find distributors and vendors who sell these products, and to have a resource to discover new wonderful products we didn’t know existed! This is no easy task. Finding certain vendors and new products feel like climbing a mountain with one leg. We are here to resolve this problem for YOU. Soon you will find a directory, only offered by Salonspa Connection that will show you every local distributor and vendor in our area!!

The leader in KC connectivity and resources is growing by leaps and bounds. Keep the questions and ideas coming, we are here to serve YOU!

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Susan Wos