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Hairstylist Business Building Bootcamp

Hair Stylist Business Building Bootcamp is back April 9-April 14, 2019! Let's improve your referral strategy, start to really have some fun with social media and restructure your marketing system in just 6 days!

Here’s a look at our training schedule for the week:

Day 1: Give Your Guest The Ultimate Experience And Keep Them Coming Back For More

Day 2: The Referral Essential That Nearly All Stylists Miss (and no, it's not a referral program)

Day 3: Become A Referral Magnet On Instagram. Let’s turn followers into clients!

Day 4: The Facebook Post That Works Every Time

Day 5: Let’s truly work smarter not harder in a way that will totally blow your mind

Day 6: 1-Hour Master Class. Understand the path that every single new client will take before taking the leap and coming to your chair. Don’t understand how some stylists seem to build effortlessly? Every single successful stylist using this exact same system and I’ll show you how to build your own system step-by-step.

In less than a week you’ll go from overwhelmed and feeling hopeless, to bubbling with confidence and a new outlook on your career.

It’s time to end the confusion and overwhelm and get you on track to double or even triple your previous best month ever in 2019.

See you in bootcamp