Barber-KCMO (1SJJR1)


Private Listing (1SJJR1)

About the Employer

Busy, well established, multicultural Barbershop who likes to grow rockstars. Shop established since 1999 & current owner bought the shop in 2006. throughout that time we have produced 5 shop owners in Kansas City. Apprenticed at least 3 successful barbers. I provide neck strips and barbercide as well as clean towels for the staff. And after 2 years of service a free week of rent is granted.


63rd and Paseo area



What we are looking for

Responsible Barbers looking to make money and grow in their careers. Ideally can serve a multi-cultural clientele.


Rent @ $100 weekly for the first 2 months then full booth rent is $135 weekly. We are open from 7am til 7pm Tuesday thru Saturday & 8am til 4pm on Mondays.

HairBrittany Miller