Hair stylists and Barbers-Overland Park/ Olathe (3PBSR1)


Private Listing 3PBSR1

About the Employer

THE premier men's grooming establishment in Kansas City. We are the perfect combination of an upscale men's salon/barbershop and your favorite cocktail bar. Significant sign on bonuses for stylists with existing clientele offered.

As far as employees... we are not micromanagers but we do expect excellence. That said, we offer industry leading pay, health insurance, paid time-off, and hands-on training from some of the best stylists in the country specializing in men's grooming.


2 locations-

Southern Overland Park



Hairstylists and Barbers

What we are looking for

- Do you return your shopping cart when you finish loading your groceries?

- Do you avoid negativity and gossip at all costs?

- Do you do things the right way, even when it's harder?

- Do you answer your best friend's 2am calls... every time?

- Do you only leave positive comments on social media?

- Do you dance in the rain, sing in the car, and love puppies? Just kidding about the puppies... sorta.


But seriously, if you didn't answer yes to all of these then DO NOT APPLY!


Here's the deal... We are not your average men's hair salon. We don't accept "ok", we only want positive people, and we demand that every single one of our staff be incredible human beings. Sure, cutting hair is important. And, you guessed it, our staff can cut some darn good hair. But, hair is just the beginning!


$50-70k yearly. Commission and Hourly

HairBrittany Miller