Director of Operations-Kansas City (2MWOR1)

 Employer: Private Listing 2MWOR1

EMPLOYER: Private Listing 2MWOR1

Job Summary
The Director of Operations works under the supervision of the Co-Owners and accepts responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the campus while creating a supportive and team-driven environment which allows students to achieve their goals. This is accomplished through collaboration and partnering with key personnel to ensure compliance, positive outcomes, strong campus operations, and a healthy and positive working environment for staff, faculty and students.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Staff Responsibilities

  • Identify candidates, interviews and hires staff

  • Arranges for onboarding of new administrative staff members and coordinates training in conjunction with support staff

  • Maintain credential records for administrative staff and faculty

  • Evaluates employee performance and effectiveness

  • Takes necessary disciplinary action with employees such as warnings and probationary measures

  • Assists staff and faculty with Personal Development Plans

  • Meets with employees individually and conducts weekly administrative staff meetings

  • Responsible for monitoring and approving payroll

Admissions Supervision

  • Creates and implements a supportive culture that encourages potential students to enroll

  • Cooperates with the Director of Admissions initiatives and Co-Owners guidance as it pertains to admissions

  • Approves students for enrollment and verifies accuracy of information completed on the enrollment paperwork

Student Management

  • Conducts orientation for new classes

  • Monitors student retention and placement rates for all programs to ensure campus meets established goals and assists faculty/staff with improvement plans if necessary

  • Provides guidance and assistance as needed

  • Submit student reinstatement/re-entry requests for approval

  • Takes disciplinary action when necessary

  • Works with Financial Aid department to verify Student’s Satisfactory Progress, determines alerts/ warnings and student dismissal and meets with students accordingly

Graduate Management

  • Verifies students’ last date of attendance, reviews final progress reports and transcripts

  • Signs and dates certificates/diplomas and transcripts

  • Reviews student and employer surveys and forwards them along with appropriate action plans (when necessary) to the Co-Owners

  • Oversees job development, including graduate updates and employment opportunities


Financial Aid Supervision

  • Oversees student account management to control bad debt

  • Evaluates and verifies satisfactory progress

  • Checks and verifies mid-points

Faculty Supervision

  • Interview and hire faculty members in collaboration with the Director of Education

  • Supervise faculty members with assistance from the Director of Education

  • Assign and maintain a class schedule for all faculty

  • Advise faculty on changes, student issues and school policies

  • May conduct instructor evaluations and reviews results with the Director of Education and C0-Owners for appropriate action

  • As necessary, assist with providing Director of Education with suggested updates for curriculum, equipment, and resources to support the programs

Career Development Supervision

  • Monitor weekly placements, job leads, site visit schedules and unemployed graduates/externship activity while achieving established goals

  • Review, verify and submit Career Development statistical reports

  • Responsible for campus achieving required minimum of 70% placement rate for each program


  • Adheres to all compliance standards and our policies and procedures, and also insures all campus staff follows all standards

  • Responsible for assuring compliance, including integrity of data/information/processes, and student satisfaction

  • Is current on the compliance standards and our policies and procedures

  • Participates in audit process



Monitoring/Overseeing/Leading Outcomes

  • Daily updates from teams on goal achievements

  • Provide instant coaching

  • Work with Director of Education and Co-Owners on training needs to maintain and/or improve outcomes


  • Effectively uses SMART to gather data and accurately complete reports

  • Strong commitment to community involvement

  • Prepare annual reports for ACCSC and the Kansas and Missouri Board of Barbering and weekly Retention and Placement and operating reports

  • Preps for accreditation renewals and visits and attends visitation meeting

  • Perform Human Resources activities as needed

  • Attends scheduled Director’s Academy meetings

  • Monitor overall appearance and maintenance of facility

  • Responsible for adhering to annual budget

  • Prepared to fill in for student support representatives, admissions and career services as needed

  • Perform related work as required

Key Metrics

  • Show consistent improvement in student retention with each program meeting, at a minimum, the ACCSC and KBOB standard of 70% and striving for our standard of 80%, while meeting the monthly drop budget

  • Show consistent improvement in graduate placement with each program meeting, at a minimum, the ACCSC standards of 70% and striving for the our standard of 80%

  • Show consistent improvement (year over year) in staff retention

  • Show consistent improvement in test scores

  • Strive for positive survey results of 85% or above (Faculty Evaluations, Graduate Surveys, Student Opinion Surveys and Employer Surveys)

  • Must have zero tolerance for non-compliant behavior or process and have positive compliance audits



-  Management and good communication skills

-  Passion for education and the Barbering service industry

-  Computer skills

- Communication Skills

Education Requirements

·            High school diploma

·            Management training and/or experience

·            Entrepreneurship skills or education in this field

·            Some college desirable

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