Admissions & Student Services Officer-Kansas City (2MWOR1)

Employer: Private Listing 2MWOR1

Job title: Admissions & Student Services Officer

General Description:   Performs a full range of advising and student recruiting services to attract and retain students to meet enrollment goals always being mindful of the capability and interest of each prospect.   This position focuses on outreach activities to students, parents, schools and community organization.  These services support the accountability to attract and retain sufficient numbers of interested students with appropriate academic and experiential preparation to meet the College’s enrollment standards and entrance criteria.  Additional activities include but are not limited to: assisting students in overcoming any distractions that may hinder their successful progression, schedule activities outside of their academic requirements that serve to boost student morale and assist successful graduates with State board testing procedures and employment.  This is accomplished through:


  • Determining each applicants’ eligibility for admission;

  • Providing professional, sound, useful, truthful advice to students on College programs best suited to their professional goals;

  • Performing professional level outreach services to attract students to the College and to acquaint schools and targeted organizations with the College’s educational programs and to promote the public image of the College;

  • Participating in enrollment operations to contribute to the timely, efficient and effective processing of student enrollments;

  • Coordinating all re-enrollment activity and constant monitoring attrition and retention;

  • Preparing and maintaining statistics regarding enrollment, geographical distribution of students and attrition;

·         Organizing monthly student orientation;

·         ordering and receiving student name tags and uniforms in a timely manner

  • Coordinating and participate in special and outside events involving prospective students;

  • Promoting good relationships with outside institutions and groups that can be helpful in attracting quality students;

  • Working with members of the administration and faculty to organize and assist in specific retention efforts;

  • Being available for student consultation when necessary;

  • Schedule student activities outside of the normal education to boost morale as necessary;

  • Ensure all enrollment requirements are met and documented prior to enrollment;

  • Maintain accurate files and documentation;

  • Assist the college director as requested;

  • Serve on the management team as necessary;

  • Maintain accurate files (electronic/paper);

  • Answering and redirect all incoming calls;

  • Serve as the best first impression to all visitors to the school;

  • Distribute the mail and other deliveries daily;

  • Learn the duties of other administrative positions;

  • Visit with customers as time permits;

  • Create a Graduation and Employment Chart monthly;

  • Assist with compiling and completing reports as assigned; and

  • Other duties as assigned.


-  Passion for education and students

- Positive, pleasant attitude

-  Good communication skills

- Good computer skills


Education Requirements

-  High school diploma

-  Management training and/or experience

-  Some college desirable




Kansas City

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