Hairstylist-Northland Kansas City, MO (2SSSR2)


Private Listing 2SSSR2

About the Employer

Full service salon offering hair care for Men, Women and children, including all nail services and pedicures. Surface hair care products, Framesi and Color Lovers.

Small salon owner with 10 stylist/nail techs. I offer a 2 week move in special. We have part-time receptionist Tuesday-Saturday. We offer water, 3 soda types and wine plus snacks. We cover back bar items plus waxing material and towels. I give you 1 week rent free after a year. I require a contract and they provide there own insurance.


Close to Chouteau and Vivion



What we are looking for

Looking for a responsible stylist wanting to rent with room to add clients. We receive walk-ins and calls daily. 


Booth Rental $145.00 weekly

First 2 weeks move in special, free rent


HairBrittany Miller