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“Saturdays with Pam is the thing I look forward to the most, every week! Having her as a mentor has not only been beneficial to my career but to my everyday life. She teaches me how to be the best person I can be. Through Pam’s guidance I’ve learned how to conquer my stresses and anxiety just from spending time with her. Learning new skills has shaped my life and career path. Pam has guided me through every obstacle I throw at her with ease.  I highly recommend having a mentor! “

-Mia, mentee of Pam Ranker


“I firmly believe it is our duty and honor to shape the future of our industry through mentoring. So often we see new professionals as inferior. Mentoring makes YOU a stronger skilled and more knowledgeable professional. By staying humble enough to admit when I don’t know the answer and finding it TOGETHER, I learn more. Being a mentor has helped broaden my horizons and increased my capability as a professional as well as given me ANOTHER reason to stay educated and current.”

-Mentor, Pam Ranker of Deviant Locks