Pamela Ranker


Nurturing community

I love helping others to realize their dreams, make goals and then achieve them. I feel that the best way to elevate our industry is to actively educate and encourage each other’s endeavors. With the community we nurture, we can guide ourselves and the next generations into raising our craft to that of Artisan. I work in Overland Park.

Describe what is expected of someone who wants to be mentored by you.

I expect them to actively pursue as much knowledge of the industry as they can, to show a genuine work ethic capable of elevating themselves, and develop skills of observation, communication, organization, and problem solving. To learn how to adapt and formulate colors, master basic color skills and cutting as well as styling skills ( not just learn, MASTER them). I expect them to find what they want to pursue and develop a plan of action with guidance by myself and others in order to achieve their goals.

Describe what timeframe you are offering for potential mentees. This can be anywhere from a few hours to years. Is this a paid position, and if so what does the position pay?

Depending on reliability and work ethic along with a willingness to assist a shadow program of a a few visits (no more than 4-6) would potentially result in an assistantship with a daily stipend plus lunch. All duties not involving touching the public would be expected. Laundry, shop cleaning, measurements, formulation of color, color theory, sanitation, learning state board requirements, errands etc. we will also cover marketing, business evolving, personal branding and how to choose further education after trade school and licensing has been completed. The length of the program will depend on the mentees level of need and desire as well as dedication.


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