Kimberley Sprinkle

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Saleswoman Extraordinaire

I believe strongly that we rise by lifting others. While I am not a stylist, I am a success partner for many that are. I am also a heck of a Life Coach and connector of dots! A rockstar and expert in the local industry and sales, Kimberley has a wide range of knowledge and helpful advice for budding salespersons or for Stylists and Barbers to jumpstart your careers!

Describe what is expected of someone who wants to be mentored by you.

They have to know, understanding, and accept that prizes are not owed to any one of us. We must earn them, and that takes actual work.  Don't be an askhole. That is someone that asks for advice...and then doesn't take it. 

Describe what timeframe you are offering for potential mentees. This can be anywhere from a few hours to years. Is this a paid position, and if so what does the position pay?

My time is limited, but I can always carve out as much is needed.  Spend the day with me as I weave my way through my territory o the Kansas side of Kansas City.

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