The #1 way to:

  • boost brand awareness

  • gain exposure

  • attract new business

  • catapult your salon into receiving the kind of attention and recognition owners dream of! 


What can Salon Sessions Live do for my business?

  • Amazing Advertising Content! SSL participants walk away with incredible photographs and video you may utilize in any manner you see fit. Blow the pictures up and hang them throughout the salon, submit the photos for print mass media attention and advertisement, use the pictures on your website, the possibilities are endless!

  • Spark interest and awareness in your salon with potential clientele, stylists and for future events.

  • Exposure! Through the social media outline for SSL your exposure will go from modest to explosive by hosting this event! Bill’s proven group effort method of publicizing SSL through social media will help you attract more business, gain awareness and notoriety within your community and help grow your business in all ways. Bill attends ALL Salon Sessions Live Events and they are featured on the SSL Facebook and Instagram pages!


What is Salon Sessions Live?

Connect, Create, Inspire!! Salon Sessions Live is a platform of energy and exposure for the host Salon as well as the artists involved. Facilitate this event which is an interactive, exclusive photo (and video) session highlighting the work of your own stylists, other area stylists and your salon.

Salon Sessions Live not only provides your salon with several professional photographs to use as you please, the structure and promotion of SSL sets your ability to attract new business on fire!!

This is a guided collaboration between you as an owner, stylists, makeup artists, models and photographers in effort to produce unique, amazing photos for you to use in the following mediums:

  • Advertising or promotional materials of any kind

  • Explosive Social Media marketing tools and exposure

  • Private portfolios

  • Website content

  • Networking and tag-teaming by everyone involved puts you at the top of your game


Creator Bill Harding showcases the art of a behind the scenes, live fashion event in a photo session that sparks new business that benefits the host salon as well as the participating stylists, models, makeup artists and photographers. Bill will assist you in achieving greatness and profit from this collaboration unlike any other promotional method you have tried. 

Step 1: Pick your session

Booking SSL involves choosing one of two packages offered exclusively by Bill Harding with Salonspa Connection.



This option provides you with a template to create your own Salon Sessions Live with the guidance of Bill. Your job will be to coordinate all the moving parts. This is a good option for a hands-on owner or manager who is resourceful and budget conscious.

Bill offers the Salon Sessions Live Template that includes:

  • How to promote your Salon Sessions Live event

  • Creation of event banner

  • Protocol for timing of event announcements and layout for event

  • How to find, guide and review photographers and videographers

  • Tips on recruiting talent for your shoot





This option is for the owner who wants Bill directly involved and handling the lion’s share of the planning and execution of Salon Sessions Live. Option #2 includes everything in Option #1 with the addition of:

  • Assistance/ Assistant in timing of event

  • Photographers and videographers provided

  • Assistance on recruiting talent

  • Direct guidance and outline on successful Social Media tag teaming

  • Model and photographer release forms provided

  • Review, edit and release of photos and videos

Starting at $1500

Step 2: plan the shoot

After booking SSL you begin to plan for the shoot!

SSL is a one-time session that takes 5-6 weeks to schedule and plan. This a sensational event in which you invite stylists within and outside of your salon to participate, along with a limited amount of other guests who would enjoy sharing in the excitement of a session.


Step 3: have an amazing time!

And enjoy the exposure!


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