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We bring you quality education and opportunities from non-brand or product affiliated educators. We have gathered Kansas City’s finest and created a diverse team of experts in their craft. Experience DIFFERENT and REFRESHING quality education WITHOUT being told to buy more!!

Tahki Bannister Barber 101 class at Paisley and Stripe in Lawrence, Kansas

Tahki Bannister Barber 101 class at Paisley and Stripe in Lawrence, Kansas


A dynamic industry leader in all things Barber. A self-made man who has worked his way from the ground floor up to the top of his field knows first-hand what it takes to be a successful Barber and business owner. Tahki will help transform your Barbershop or Salon from turning out average men’s cuts and mediocre client relationships, to top grade haircutting techniques with clients lined up waiting to get into your business!

Tahki offers both Educational classes to help grow your Barbers and Hairstylist's skill sets, perfect technique and how to best serve the person in their chair AND Consulting with Salon and Barbershop owners on business related matters.

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William Harding Salon Sessions Live

William Harding Salon Sessions Live


William Harding has enjoyed an extremely successful and diverse career since the moment he got his Cosmetology license in 1979. He has worked alongside world renowned stylists and industry moguls such as Sam Bracato and Paul Mitchell.  Bill has been a successful international platform artist, owner, manager and award-winning top stylist in Kansas City for 40 years!

Whatever your salon culture or atmosphere is, Bill wants to see you grow! His expertise behind the chair and wisdom that comes with years of industry experience have lent itself to being able to help stylists and owners all over KC benefit from his unusually successful career. He has the skills and knows the secrets to growing and cultivating an amazing salon atmosphere and clientele.

Salon Sessions Live is an incredible opportunity for owners to showcase their businesses, get an extreme amount of publicity and reap the benefits of Bill's marketing expertise. This amazing production was 100% created by and is solely executed by Mr. Harding, it has changed the lives of every salon owner who has booked a session. Book one of these high energy non-traditional photo collaborations and watch your profile skyrocket!

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Pam Ranker with Deviant Locks

Pam Ranker with Deviant Locks

PAM RANKER-Deviant Locks

Pamela Ranker is a force to be reckoned with. Edgy, smart, kindhearted, straightforward, relatable and creative as the day is long, Pam owns successful Deviant Locks in Overland Park alongside her husband. Pam has carved her way through the salon industry creating a unique, relatable brand with a diverse and fiercely loyal following. Her devotion is demonstrated in the love of her chosen profession. Pam has worn many hats in her career from convenience salons to high level commission positions, and now enjoys the independently employed lifestyle she was meant to live.

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tye miller headshot.PNG

Tye miller

Natural hair expert and rockstar salon owner is joining the independent, non brand affiliated educational team for Salonspa Connection!! Check back soon for more information on Tye and the classes she will offer!